Technology Commercialization

Ignite Product Management specializes in making business concepts a reality.
Ignite's experience in Technology Commercialization and Product Management helps you introduce new products quicly and successfully. The Product Management team utilizes the Stage Gate Process for product development. This process breaks the development lifecycle into several distinct elements, and performs checkpoints at each stage. This provides ample opportunity to assess the progress and viability of the project. It also
allows specialized groups to perform portions of the project with minimal interference
with the other phases.

Ignite Product Management helps optimize your product's potential.
A great idea on its own will not guarantee profits. The 'Four Ps' of market mix -- Product, Price, Promotion and Place (packaging and distribution) -- determine success or failure.
If any of these functions are not properly addressed your product will under perform. Ignite analysts will help you optimize your product potential by establishing an efficienct market mix.

The market mix changes as a product moves through its life cycle. Failure to adapt
to these changes creates unrealized profits, and causes many companies to abandon products earlier than necessary. Ignite analysts can help optimize profits by properly rebalancing your market mix.


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