Ignite's multidisciplinary approach focuses on the basic business fundamentals. We understand businesses are an integrated set of systems operating in a dynamic environment, not isolated issues in a static unchanging world.

Whether you are looking to sell your business, acquire a competitor or new business, grow your business, develop/launch a new product, make a product production ready, stream line production processes, or seek capital to fund any of the above.. Ignite has a strong record of achievement in every aspect of the process. We have done it for other clients, we have done it ourselves, and we can do it for you. We are one of the few organizations that can handle the entire range of the challenges for moving to an aggressive end.

We have deep and broad skills in the business analysis, negotiation, product development, to market strategies and business development, manufacturing operations, capital formation, and the decision sciences. We use these skills to our client's and partner's strategic advantage. We deploy our skills to aggressively and solidly work outside the box. We adapt on the fly. We utilize operating, financial, strategic, and incentive leverage creativity to enable execution, mitigate risk, and enhance cash flow and profitability. We execute deliberately with strong processes and controls.

Ignite Business Development enables businesses to:
Sell/Spin out/Divest of business interests
Acquire business Entities
Gain capital and structured financing to support growth or acquisitions
Develop concepts into products
Revise Product offerings
Commercialize New Technologies into product/service offerings
Develop and execute strategic plans or initiatives
Capitalize on opportunities that would otherwise elude them
Turn constraints into benefits.
Identify and mitigate risks
Realize profitability, stability, and inorganic growth.

Ignite is organized into three independent but surprisingly
complementary groups:

Business Transactions – Investment Banking, Capital Acquisition,
... Mergers & Acquisitions
Business Development
Product Development & Technology Commercialization

Although these groups are independent, Ignite has actually used all three
groups to successfully serve clients to start new companies to commercialize new technologies in an existing market by acquiring competitors. We are able to draw from these complex but related areas to add to the entire value proposition of an opportunity be it a divesture, growth or new product launch. Ignite has enabled start up and rapidly expanding companies to grow beyond their organic opportunities. We have turned around companies to successful situations as they were pending to fail. We have found investors for companies to fund growth.

Separating Ignite from the rest of the crowd is our acid test - " How can you consult if you are not/have not been willing to bear the risk and do it yourself" At Ignite, we will even structure an engagement so that we bear risk ourselves to enable the project to work and add value to our client relationships. We have been there, done that, and we can do it again.

More Aggressive. Broadly Creative. Disciplined. Results.

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