Business Transactions

Adding Value to Business
Ignite Business Transactions Group specializes in adding value to Business Transactions for Middle Market Clients (up to $80.0 million in revenues). Our Experience in Business Development gives us the competitive edge in analyzing the strategic affect of structure to the deal and assisting to secure financing and other items to make the deal work. We divide the Business Transactions
Practice into the following areas:

• Selling a Business
· Divesting of a Business
· Spinning out or
· Management Buy Outs/Ins
· Leveraged Buy Outs

• Acquiring a business
· Strategic Acquisitions
· Target Identifications
· Negotiation Targets

• Assigning or Licensing Technology

• Capital Formation
· Debt
· Structured Debt
· Equity
· Transactional Financing

• Company Valuation

The Ignite Process for Selling a Business
Initial Meeting
The first step in the Ignite process is to ensure we have a good understanding of Client Goals and Intent. We use the entire breadth of Ignite's experience to enhance value and place the client in the best possible position for the transaction that follows.

Site Tour and Data Collection
All meetings are conducted in a discrete confidential manner. We gather all relevant data to develop compelling sales oriented documentation that highlights your business without disclosing the details and a Confidential Memorandum to be presented to interested parties that have been qualified as a potential buyer and have executed a nondisclosure agreement. This document includes company history, financials, market and industry overview, product and operational features and a thorough analysis of your company's expansion opportunities.

Marketing Launch Identify, Screen and Contact Acquirers
Ignite proactively searches for potential buyers nationwide using several different proprietary methods and resources. We develop a potential buyer list and launch a concerted campaign to find a buyer for the business. Ignite will coach the management team during any site visits and coordinate the answering of any inquiries.

Negotiation and Closing
Ignite will work with all parties to keep the process moving forward and to obtain the best price and structure. Once an offer has been accepted, we will assist to bring the deal to a close.

The Ignite Process for Acquiring a Business
Analyze goals to determine search criteria
• Market
• Financial
• Vertical/Horizontal/Economic fit
• Core Competency match

Research the Market to develop search pan
• Use creativity to find companies that have not come to market

Conduct comprehensive search
• Profiling methods
• Electronic data bases
• Personal Contacts
• Cold Calling

Analyze potential targets as to a fit to Acquiring goals
• Economic
• Strategic

Develop Offer, Paperwork, and close the deal
• Develop financing if required




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