Business Development

Approaching business development with a multi-disciplined process.
Business Development is a multi-discipline Process. You must take the elements of Product Development, Marketing, Operations, Finance, Management and incorporate them together to form a strategy to move your business forward. Different businesses have different strengths and there is no one cookie cutter solution.

The people at Ignite are unique. We understand how to look at the elements and then step work inside or outside of the box to make things happen. We have strong business analytical skills and the best of Fortune 500 training in Management, Manufacturing, Finance and Marketing. We are the founders of companies and have been raised over $90.0 million (Equity, Debt, and Structured Finance) to support various entities in the stages of Startup, Expansion, and Turn Around. We have strong business analytical skills, and strong intuition, and exceptional business acumen. Working for over 15 years specifically in the Business Development field they have worked with over 750 clients in various situations.

Ignite has enabled companies to start on a shoestring, realize inorganic growth beyond their organic growth path, acquire larger competitors, secure venture funding and sell to realize an exit. Our industry experience is broad from software technology, forest products, chemicals industry, manufacturing operations, sales organizations, to mergers and acquisitions. We are not aware of any organization with the breadth of skills, the intuition, nor the business acumen we possess.

The Process

A Conversation
A conversation with you and or your management team to understand your business, the market, your customers, and your competition. More importantly we want to understand your issues and goals.

A Challenge
Ignite then asks questions and looks at things from outside the box based on what we have learned in the past with our clients. We apply an acid test to what we have heard and we return with a tactics and strategies to support your goals or we recommend new ones. We look at the natural momentum of the industry you operate in and we find leverage points to turn a situation around or accelerate it faster/safer.

An Agreement
We agree on how to move forward and what to do. No egos involved. Ignite recommends, you decide, we do. Ignite will engage as a consultant or a partner many varied structures.

The Execution
We are capable of doing whatever it takes to move things forward. Strategic planning, business modeling, product development, financial modeling, capital formation, structure finances, acquire companies, spinout operations, and operate as a consultant, manager, or front man. We have not encountered a single competitor who can or will operate at the depth and breath we operate.

The Difference
Separating Ignite from the rest of the crowd is our acid test - “How can you consult if you are not/have not/can not bear the risk and do it yourself?". Early in our organization we told ourselves if you can consult you can do. We have been there, done that, and can do it again.

How confident are we? We will even structure an engagement so that we bear risk ourselves to enable the project to work and add value to our client relationships. This is the way to make things ignite.


More Aggressive. Broadly Creative. Disciplined. Results.


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